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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of industrial dry cleaning?

Industrial dry cleaning provides you with a large cost savings, allows you to better monitor product usage, and reduces the amount of products dumped into your local landfill.


How much can we save by recycling our gloves?

You can realistically save up to 50% of your new glove cost by dry cleanning instead of buying new.


How much does industrial dry cleaning cost?

To determine cost, we encourage you to send us a trial order so that we can see exactly what items you would like to have cleaned and to see if special handling is required.


How can I find out if our dirty gloves can be recycled?

We will do a free trial order of gloves, shop or print towels, dust bags, welding apparel or any other item you think might be recyclable. You pay the freight to get it to us and we will clean the order free of charge and pay the return freight. You will receive a "no charge" invoice that will show what your unit cost to clean will be.


Will our employees object to wearing recycled gloves?

Many people prefer recycled gloves because they are softer and more flexible.


What is the best way to set up a glove-cleaning program in our plant?

Our customers have found that the collection point for dirty gloves should be in a centralized area and employees should turn a dirty pair of gloves to a collection receptacle before receiving a clean pair.


How do I get my dry cleaning order to and from your plant?

We utilized UPS and common carriers to ship prouct to and from our plant. We have negotiated very favorable rates with carriers and would be happy to assist you in selecting the best transportation service from your facility.


What is the turn around time for getting our orders back?

Most glove orders are cleaned and shipped back to our customers the next day. Some large orders are set up on a weekly rotation.


How can I be sure we get back the same product that we send to you?

We batch clean every order that we receive to ensure it is not mixed with any other order and to ensure that you always get back exactly what you sent in.


Can you clean oil absorbent material?

Yes. We can clean and recycle oil absorbent socks and mat material. However, the socks and mat material must be specifically designed to be recycled. Most of them are made of polypropylene and can be cleaned and reused up to 100 times.


Is it possible to contract HIV/AIDS from wearing recycled gloves?

The Center for Disease Control has determined that the cleaning solvents and heat used in the dry cleaning process are sufficient to destroy bloo-borne pathogens, including HIV/AIDS.


What happens to the waste material extracted from our products?

We treat all of the waste material extracted from your products during dry cleaning as hazardous waste. Our closed-loop system ensures that all of the waste byproduct leaves our plant in hazardous waste totes. We utilize the service of a nationally known waste disposal company for transportation to an EPA permitted disposal site.


How many times can a product be dry cleaned?

Through our experience, we find most orders can be dry cleaned an average of 6-10 times, depending on the applicaiton of the products.


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