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Industrial Dry Cleaning

Our dry cleaning process utilizes mineral spirits in a closed-loop system. Spent solvent is pumped from settling tanks to our stills where it is refined into clean solvent to be reused in the dry clean process. The waste collected in still bottoms (waste oil) is sent to an oil recycler to be used as an alternative fuel source in a high temperature incineration process.

Water Wash

To remove organic water-soluble material not removed during dry cleaning, we use a water washing process. The water exiting our plant and entering the sanitary sewer system meets local permissible levels.



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675 washing machine


Gloves before and after cleaning



Choosing to clean and reuse gloves, safety apparel, oil absorbents and filters provides your company a considerable cost savings over buying new products. It also prevents dirty products from being dumped into landfills and is a smart way to greatly reduce your company’s impact on the environment.



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